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Rent Phone Charging stations for events in Las Vegas

Rent phone charging stations for events in Las Vegas.  Our mission is to provide an easy and convenient way for guests to quickly charge their phones during events such as conferences, conventions, concerts, fairs, festivals, trade shows, expos, corporate meetings and any event.

phone charging stations at a convention

Conferences & conventions

Renting phone charging stations for a conference or convention in Las Vegas is a great way to keep attendees connected and engaged.  Our charging stations provide a valuable service to guests, allowing them to power up their devices and stay connected throughout the event.  With our convenient, easy-to-use charging stations, you can ensure that your attendees remain connected and engaged in your event.

phone charging stations at expo

Trade Shows & Expos

Rent phone charging stations for trade shows and expos in Las Vegas, so that attendees can quickly and easily charge their phones without having to worry about losing power.  Charging stations are a great addition to any trade show or expo, providing a convenient service that guests will appreciate.  Create a space to connect at your booth and collect contact information from potential customers.

phone charging stations at a festival

Fairs & Festivals

Our cell phone charging station rental for fairs and festivals in Vegas provides an invaluable service to guests by keeping them connected and powered up all day long.  This state-of-the-art equipment allows guests to charge their phones safely and quickly, while enjoying all the festivities.  The rental also provides a great opportunity for event organizers to draw in more people and increse their ROI with sponsorships and more.

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